Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monos azules y gatos grandes!!! (Blue Monkeys and Big Pussy Cats

Assignments done, exams finished!!! Time to do a bit of exploring!!  On Friday we decided to visit the Guadalajara Zoo.  Armed with camera, water and suncream we grabbed a taxi and headed off to the outskirts of Guadalajara.  Another beautiful day!!!
Our Taxi finally dropped us off at the front gate and I was amazed and the sculpture and pond (by Sergio Bustamante) at the front entrance. Spectacular!

We payed our entrance fee which included free train rides and made our way through the gates to be greeted by more of Busamante's work.  Blue monkeys!!! My Son would love these.  I couldn't help taking heaps of photos of them.

We then spent a couple of very relaxing hours wandering around the gardens and checking out all the animals.  The highlights were the hippo's, panda bear and the big cats!!!

There was also a Polar Bear who took great delight in swimming back and forewards in front of the crowd.  He would dive accross the pool and then, turn and float back slowly past them.  Such a show off!!  Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  If you are ever in downtown Guadalajara a visit to the zoo is worth the effort.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Ultima classe at UdeG

This morning felt quite unreal.  As I rushed bleary eyed to the bus stop to catch bus no 33A to Uni.  It suddenly dawned on me that this was the last time I would be doing this.!!! It doesn't seem that long ago that I stood at this bus stop, with a churing stomach, wondering if I would be able to manage to ask for a ticket in spanish and whether I would find the right stop to get off at the other end!!  How quickly has tht four months gone!!

This week has been a big one.  On Tuesday I finally finished my research paper for my Masters.  Was so glad to push the button and send it off.  Now I just have the anxious wait for my mark.  Today I had my last exam at UdeG (University of Guadalaja).  When I think back on my first week at the Uni, wondering how on earth I was going to find subjects that would fit into my timetable, and then of course how on earth was I going to be able to understand a word they said in class.  Well I have survived somehow and I am looking forward to my next adventure in Mexico.

Finally I am going to be able to have some time to do some travelling with my husband, who has been here for a month waiting patiently while I finish all my reports, presentations and classes.  He won't have to listen to my whinging any more.  We head of on Sunday to South of Mexico, Belize and Guatamala, so should have some good stories to tell.