Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day on Lake Atitlan

After a chilly night, and a not so hot shower, we made our way down to the edge of the lake and clambered on board the two boats that would take us to visit three communities on the edge of the lake.

Worker bring coffee beans
As we raced across the glassy clear water, the view of the three misty volcanoes towering over the lakes was stunning.  Our two boats made their way, neck and neck, skimming across the lake to the first village that we were to visit.

  Some of the group did a tour of the village and its small galleries while a small group of us did a short tour of a coffee cooperative with a local guide.  Unfortunately for our group our guide advised us that he only spoke spanish so I some how was elected as the official translator.

  Quite a challenge!! especially as even though our guide said he couldn't speak english, he certainly understood english and listened to everything I said.  He was quick to give the nod of approval if I managed to convey the correct translation. If I missed something, he would repeat the spanish for me to have another try.  The tour was very interesting, and the guide was so proud of their achievements and took his job so seriously. The tour was finished off with a delicious  and very strong cup of their coffee.

We then joined the rest of the group and made our way to the next island.  Here we had morning tea (more coffee) and wandered (our should I say climbed) up the very steep streets to their local market.

All the women were dressed in traditional costumes.  The colours and hand woven fabrics were so pretty, especially when you saw a group of women all together going about their daily routine.

Soon Paulina was gathering us all up, and heading us down the hill to the boats for the next village where we were to have lunch.  Some of the group did a tour after lunch in the local tuktuks, but we chose to wander the streets, checking out the local plaza, church and shops selling the local products. Then we made our way down to the jetty and watched the locals paddling around in the lake, fishing while we waited for the rest of the group to join us.  Around mid afternoon we headed back across the lake to the village of Panajachel, and our hotel.

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