Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Palenque - Another Indiana Jones Moment!!!

Unfortunately for Steve, old "Montezuma's revenge" snuck in overnight and he was not at all well.  Leaving him with lollies to suck and dry biscuits for lunch, we said good bye and headed off on our next Indiana Jones Adventure.  It was such a shame that Steve was going to miss this part of our adventure.
Inside the underground ruins
trekking through the jungle
 After a short taxi ride we arrived at a clearing in the jungle and our guide was waiting for us, we were joined by another small group of travellers and the journey started.  The trek was for about an hour and a half making our way through the jungle, over streams and along muddy paths.  Our guide informed us that we were actually walking over Mayan ruins that had been covered by the jungle.  We were able to climb through a small hole down inside one of the buildings to see how well preserved they were.

Hot, damp and muddy, we finally came out at the main ruins.  Wow!!! Of all the ruins that I have visited in Guatamala and Mexico I think these were one of my favorites.  It was such a shame that Steve was unable to be there with us.  Duty bound I set out to take as many photos as I could so he would be able to see it when I got back to the hotel.  (as if I needed an excuse to take more pictures!!!).

Actually, again there were large numbers of tourists, due to it being holiday break in Mexico. Our guide warned us to climb carefully as a tourist had fallen the previous day and broken their arm.  Noted!! I thought, given my previous record I was extra careful as I climed the three main temples. 

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