Monday, March 21, 2011

Chichen Itza - our last day on the road after three weeks of travelling.

Chichen Itza or as Steve christened it "Itchy Chicken".This morning is the last day on the road. After a quick cab ride we were back at the bus stop, where we board a bus that will take us to one of the most famous Mayan Ruins, Chichen Itza.  After an hour we arrived to a massive carpark that was packed with cars and tourist buses.  Yes!! at this time of the year all of Mexico is on holidays and I think half of them had decided to visit Chichen Itza for the day. (Slight exageration, however the crowd was huge!!!).
Lucky for us Johanna has arranged for a local guide, who rounds us up, after we have stored out backpackes in the locker room, and marches us past the lines of tourists waiting to buy their tickets and through the turnstiles.  Yes!! he was on a mission to get us out to look at the amazing ruins which included pyrimads, sacrificial blocks, and the famous mayan ball court.

He was a funny little man, with a mine of information. However, he tour was was a little like pushing a button and listening to a monotone recording.  If you asked a question out of turn or interupted, he would quickly give you a black look, and continue on with his speal.  
Mayan Ball Court
Colourful Mayan Ceramics

Despite this, Chichen Itza was a truely astonishing place to visit.  Again I think, it is easier if I post some pictures to give you a visual experience

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