Monday, March 21, 2011

Escaping the crowd of Mexican Tourists - good bye Itchy Chicken

After a couple of hours of snapping pictures, and dodging the crowds of tourists, we decided to see the refuge of a quieter place for lunch.   The five of us crammed into a cab and headed to a nearby resort, restaurant that was built near another Cenote.  This cenote was huge, and the infrastructure was really well developed to cater for a large number of tourists. 

The cenote was very impressive, but I think the experience we had the previous day in the smaller, less touristy and more isolated cenotes was far more genuine. Still, I had to admit this cenote was still very impressive.                                                               

Aaron and Wayne braved the large number of tourists to enjoy the water before we all and a very nice lunch at the nearby restaurant.

Mid afternoon, we climbed into another cab and headed back to the utter chaos of the main carpark.  After rescuing our backpacks from a very frustrated and tired locker room attendant, we headed out to the front of the site, to try and find our bus.  The buses were backed up and thousands of tourists were milling trying to find their ride out of there.    There had to be at least 40 large coaches trying to pick up their load and get out of there.    Finally we located our bus, and clambered on.

We arrived at our final destination, Cancun, late that afternoon.We were back where we started. Due to a booking error, we somehow ended up with an enormous king size room. After a wonderful soak in the bath to wash off all the "Itchy Chicken" dust, we all headed out for dinner at a local restaurant.  Tomorrow was New Years Eve, and important discussions must be held to decide how we would celebrate the outgoing and incoming year.

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