Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where has time gone???

This morning as I squeezed the last of my tube of Colgate Crema Dental con fluor, Max Fresh con Cristales Refrescantes (tooth paste) on to my toothbrush, I realised that it is nearly two months since we left Mexico.  My empty tube of toothpaste is a reminder that "yes I did have seven months away and I did have some great experiences".

I reflect on how quickly you are absorbed back into your old life style, and how I now need to stop every now and then and look at all my photos to remind me of my time away. I have slipped into the everyday hum drum of catching train and going to work very quickly. Though I must admit there is an underlying restlessness that only time or a new project will calm.

Next week, everyone who went overseas on the in-country studies program will be gathering together to reflect, celebrate, swap stories and relive our adventures.  I can't wait to hear about everyone's experiences.  This in mind, I must put pen to paper, or fingers to the key board and finish the tale of my Mexican  Adventure.  Stay tuned for more stories and pictures.

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